A Little Less Conversation: I Think Not by Lindsey Jones

As educators, we often place the emphasis in reading on fluency, phonics, and word recognition. So many times we miss the importance of discussing what we read. This post from the Nerdy Book Club shares the importance of book conversations.

Nerdy Book Club

Hello, my name is Lindsey, and I am addicted to books.  A few tell-tale signs of my addiction:

  • When picking out items for my wardrobe, I ponder, “Could a book fit into that pocket?”
  • The stacking of books on my nightstand makes it appear as if a perpetual game of Jenga is going on.
  • Motion sickness is something I am willing to suffer so that I can indulge on a plane, train, or automobile.  (Oh, and don’t put it past me to read while biking, skating, sailing, or riding a rollercoaster.)
  • When my friends come to me for advice, I give them a book to read.
  • My last interaction with a police officer didn’t go so well.

Mr. Officer: “Ma’am, I am pulling you over because you were texting while driving.  I am sure you are aware it’s illegal to text while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.”


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