Rigor is one of the common buzz words in education.  Rigor is sometimes defined as the difficulty of the content.  In this article by Lori Ungemah, Rigor is looked at in a very different way.  Ms. Ungemah gives her thoughts on rigor.

Thought #1: Rigor is pushing yourself beyond what is easy. We push ourselves beyond our individual limits in order to get better at something.

Thought #2:  How can we get them unstuck? How can we get them to engage in the challenge? To be scared, but to sit in that fear and still try?

Thought #3: Every minute of every class cannot and should not be rigorous. Learning can’t be all rigor, all the time. There has to be time to step back, pause, reflect on learning, have some fun, gather strength, and then — BAM! — another rigorous text, task, or class. Too much rigor will stifle the learning process.

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