Can Blogging Help Struggling Writers?

Today’s technology world has opened up a lot of modes for writing.  With the Literacy Gap continuing to grow, can we use one of the new modes of writing, Blogging, to help students improve?

Blogs provide an opportunity for students to write for multiple purposes.  Blogging can also give an authentic feel to writing; much more than Write a letter to your friend describing what you did over fall break.

Dr. Patricia Fioriello, from Edudemic gave her thoughts on how Blogging can motivate and inspire struggling writers. 

In the article she shares:

  • Blogging Helps Students Connect Different Subjects
  • Blogging Encourages Students To Sort Out Their Feelings
  • Blogging Improves Writing Skills
  • Blogging Helps Students Find Their Own Voice

What Can Teachers Do?

One of the most important steps is to share your own enjoyment of writing and blogging. Kids love to emulate. If they see your enjoyment, even the most reluctant writers are more apt to make an honest attempt. Seeing you write and knowing it’s something important to you will have a greater impact than if you simply talk about it with them.

The full article can be found here. 

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