3 Steps for Creating a Culture for Learning

Teachers tend to teach like they were taught.  That mold of teaching has been predominantly “I Do, Now you Do.”  Effective teachers incorporate an additional and pivotal step to learning, “I do, WE Do, and You do”.

Terry Heick at TeachThought has 0utlined the 3 steps for creating this culture.  

The article points encourages teachers to explore the gradual release model.

1. Show them

Model the “thinking habits, beliefs about self, and collaborative workflows that result in sustained critical learning.”

Demonstrate the think-alouds, reflective writing, metacognitive conversations, and other human practices and habits that lead to learning, and then reflect again on their impact. How they were successful. Where they fell short. What you might do next time.

2. Help them

The next step of the gradual release of responsibility model is to help students do what you showed them on their own. Put them in groups. Have them publish their thinking in a podcast. Give them soft cushions to land on when they fail. Offer strategies, coaching, and general support.

3. Let them

The final stage of promoting a culture of learning in your classroom is to simply get out of the way. Give them only just enough for them to take off on their own. A topic. A community. A project idea. An app. A problem worth solving.

Then let them show what they can do.

And if they just sit there like bumps on a log, go back to step #1.

You can find the full article here.


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